Sara Blakely has shared a post to address the imbalance in the workplace and at home.

The self-made American billionaire shared a video online as she was being madeup by her glam squad. 

In the video, the married mother-of-four is seen reading while her hair and nails were done. She went on to say how tough it is for working mothers. She said it's not fair that women do more at work and at home and are expected to balance it all alone.

She said laughing in the video: "This is my life people. This is my life. This is not staged."

She added: "I just want it to go on record that I said this... I've been giving speeches around the country and so has my husband. Never once has anyone ever asked my husband about balance and how he balances it all. 

"Every single speech I give, they wanna know how I balance it all. Which just proves my theory that women do a lot more than men do because people are like, 'how is this happening?' 

"No one ever asks a husband, or a father, 'how in the world do you balance all these?' Never! It's never even come up for Jesse (her husband)."

"It's wrong," the women in her glam team said and Sara agreed, saying, "It's wrong."

She continued: "People, I balance it. Do you see how I balance it?" 

At this point, she laughs and gestures to show her multitasking. 

She continued: "It takes a village, a lot of amazing women. That's how I do it.

Sharing the video, she wrote:

I give speeches all around the country and so does my husband @jesseitzler. Not once has my husband been asked how he balances it all with kids and work. No one has ever asked him.. “ how in the world are you a dad and do all the things you do?” Every speech I give someone asks me how I balance it all. I think that alone is very telling of how much women do, and how much we are expected to do. I’m so grateful things are becoming more balanced in both the workplace and the home between men and women, but we still have a long way to go. Shout out to all the women out there who are “balancing it all”. Throw a ?? or ?? if you are one of them and tag a friend who needs to know she’s not alone in trying to “balance it all!” And guys feel free to throw a ?? if you know a woman who is trying her hardest to “ balance it all”. #Multitasking #ItTakesAVillage #GodBlessWomen #Balance#Entrepreneur #Business #MomLife

"Not once has my husband been asked how he balances it all with kids and work" Spanx billionaire founder addresses imbalance in the workplace and at home

Watch the video below.

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