Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has stated what will happen to Nigeria in next 4 years.

In a statement he made on his social media page earlier today, Osinbajo wrote that President Muhammadu Buhari has made it clear that his administration will focus on physical structure and human capital development.

He then further mentioned that Nigeria will also focus more attention on the education sector, with specific focus on the education of the girl child.
In the end, he mentioned that Nigeria will prevail.

He wrote:
In the next four years, President@MBuhari has made it clear that we will be focusing our attention on human capital development and physical infrastructure. We will be working with States on education and especially the education of girls. Nigeria will prevail!

See some reactions:

***Are you people going to capitally develop the dead or the living? When the insecurity and killings of #Nigerians on daily basis is all time high and far more than war situation.#Sanity
***I hope bureaucracy will not slow this down. There are millions with expertise, skills and experience yet remain redundant because fin. institutions don’t see them ok for loan to start up. No need to start afresh. Identify them and leverage on them. 4 years is too short already.
In another news, the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, over the weekend in Lagos, called on leaders of Nigeria’s media industry to rise up against the spread of fake news across the country.

He advised them to take charge in speaking against bastardisation of their profession, especially by the new media:
“Fake news will make media practice lose its appeal, it will challenge the credibility which is the base of our practice.
Some people must take up the role of speaking against the bastardisation of journalism by the new media. And it is better that some of our leaders in the profession should take on that responsibility.” Osinbajo said

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