CNN anchor, Don Lemon has revealed how he got called a f*ggot and how he has suddenly become a target for supporters of President Trump.

Don Lemon made this known at a conference on Thursday stating that a guy walked up to him saying:

“We built this country. I can’t wait for CNN to fire your black a**, you f***ot.”

Speaking about his open battle with Trump, the CNN anchor revealed that it has taken a toll on him.

“take(s) a toll on me, on my privacy and safety and security, and the safety and security of my family.”

He continued by stating how one of Trump’s supporters called him about 300 times a day to express how much he doesn’t like him. He said some even go as far as sending hate mails.

“People call the authorities and accuse me of doing certain things. I wonder how long I will continue to do this particular job in the way I do it. It ain’t easy, but I don’t plan to give up.”

This is all happening few days after Don Lemon was called the dumbest man on TV byyTrump.

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