Kate Beckinsale, 45, sent her daughter Lily Mo Sheen, 20, a text message accusing her of doing cocaine because she dreamt she was. The hilarious conversation that ensued between them has been shared on social media.

"Are you doing a lot of cocaine?!?” Beckinsale asked her daughter, whom she shares with actor Michael Sheen.

Obviously confused by the question, Lily replied: "um..??” adding, “i’m doing 0 cocaine. what is happening?? hello??”

Lily wrote again to her mum: “I physically couldn’t be doing less cocaine."

When her mum didn't reply, she wrote again: "u can’t send me that and then go silent.”

Kate then replied: “I had a dream you were and i was so mad."

In response, Lily texted back, “you are a LUNATIC.”

Kate Beckinsale accuses daughter of doing cocaine in hilarious chat

Kate shared a screenshot of the chat and captioned it: “Worth checking in case had suddenly become soothsayer in sleep."

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