Nollywood actress, Christabel Ekeh has revealed that she was already born again before she released some nude pictures which went viral.

According to her, the nude pictures which she was slammed for on social media led her closer to God.

She said:

‘I wasn’t that prepared for the industry as at that time. I believe all of that had to happen for me to believe God, and walk with him the way am doing now. All had to happen for me to have faith and connect with God more’.

Christabel Ekeh also revealed how she was pushed into taking the pictures due to some issues she was going through.

‘I met someone who took me to the Action Chapel International branch in Cotonou then I came back to Ghana and stopped going to church. Because I was going through a lot and just couldn’t go to Church. So when I did the pictures, I had just lost hope and everything. I felt like there is nothing more to hide or keep. So it was after then, God saved me and I came back to God’

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