Your popular MCE in Nollywood became a brand ambassador for this scam car dealer @bigshipmentexport (Will withhold the identity of that celebrity for now). The celebrity posted that she got a 2010 Toyota Venza from this scam dealer and later became his Brand Ambassador. Because of the 'integrity' of this celebrity a Nigeria woman @ruggednosh has become a victim of scam.
Ruggednosh contacted @bigshipmentexport to help get a Toyota Venza 2013 model, price was #5.6 million, but because she wanted some customization price became #5.750k million, he said he would deliver between 4 - 6weeks, but Ruggednosh said he should deliver the car in 8weeks considering time for customization. Ruggednosh with proof below;

paid the some of #4 million (70%) to @bigshipmentexport on 2/2/19, to balance 30% on delivery.
Here is the shocking part since February till date 19/07/19, car has not been delivered and @bigshipmentexport has only refunded #2.5million out of #4million. He paid #1.5million after series of endless pleas  from Ruggednush on 16/5/19. Then paid another 1 million in June after a fellow blogger dragged him and your 'celebrity' crush was dragged into it.

See some of their conversations below;

Is this fair on an innocent Nigeria that worked tirelessly to earn her money?
@bigshipmentexport refund Ruggednosh's #1.5million balance in at most a week OR - Trust good Nigerians we will report your scam IG page, get it deactivated in no time
- Your scam website would be blocked by goggle.
-The identity of the celebrity you used in deceiving innocent Nigerians would be revealed.
-Other prominent and reputable car dealers would be brought into this, definitely you are not a verified dealer.
Great people, please Tag as many people as possible, you just may be saving another innocent Nigerian from being scammed.
@bigshipmentexport IS SCAM!!! Since February, this is July, 6 months already. Pay up her #1.5million in at most One week, before Friday next week 26th of July, 2019. Enough is enough, Enough of Nigerians extorting fellow Nigerians.


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