Life, Life... Life gets us so misplaced  in our priorities that we don't even have time for ourselves,
let alone those we care so much about.

 Sometimes we get so busy keeping up with ourselves, trying to make ends meet, trying to pursue that dream, trying to make the most out of evey second, minute, 24hours that make up each day.

Unconsciously, we find ourselves drifting away from those that matter most to us, those that we are "so busy" trying to make proud, those special ones we are thirsting to make happy.

Guess what? tomorrow is not guaranteed, tomorrow is not assured, we never know how long we have to spend in this puzzle called life, you don't know how long that loved one has left to be with you.

Let that person know you love him or her, let that person know that even though you striving hard to make things better they hold a special space in your heart. Who is that one person? Could be your husband, wife, child, sibling, parent, a friend that has become family, could be your co-worker, could be your superior, your subordinate.

Create time in no time to check up on them, send text messages, whatsapp makes it easier these days, send surprise gifts, these 'little things' matter alot, you could just be making that loved one's day, week, month with that 'Little' kind gesture.

Don't wait! Don't postpone, friend don't wait till they are gone, when your heart will be filled with regrets, when you have so much to say to them but times up, celebrate that loved one now!

Let's fill the world with so much love, be the reason so one is smiling, that smile can be the only reason they aren't giving up. We all owe death, just that our days are different, the memories that last long are those that we make count.

Forward this to someone you love dearly, so one that means alot to you, Let them know in your busy schedule they mean alot to you, yes you reading this I LOVE YOU AND YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME! I CAN'T IMAGINE MY WORLD WITHOUT YOU, KEEP GLOWING, KEEP SMILING šŸ˜Š

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