I woke this morning with everything in me thanking God for the gift of life, reminding myself that it’s a privilege and not a right to be alive.
‘No bible, No breakfast’, it was time for my quiet time. I finished with my devotion, prayed and was led to read about two chapters in the bible before I got up from bed and set out for the day.
It was Genesis chapter 25 I turned to and started reading from the very first verse… Abraham, his generations…when I got to verse 21 that says ‘And Isaac entreated the Lord for his wife, because she was barren, and the Lord was entreated for him, and Rebakah his wife conceived’… I wanted to move on to the next verse and it dawned on me wait wait wait a sec! Rebakah was barren and she conceived because Isaac entreated the Lord for her sake? I studied that verse alone for over 30 minutes and I was inspired to write this, to share the vision, to rescue barren marriages, barren destinies, barren finances, all forms of barrenness.
I had to take up my dictionary find out what ‘entreat’ means because it sounded sacred to me, if God can answer Isaac because he entreated Him for his wife then the word entreat is powerful. What does entreat mean? Entreat means to beseech or supplicate (a person), to prevail by prayer or solicitation, to try to persuade, to enter into negotiation as for a treaty, to make an earnest petition or request, in other words Isaac beseech, prevailed by prayer, persuaded, negotiated, made an earnest request and God answered him.
My shock heightened when I read in verse 26 that Isaac had Esau and Jacob when he was threescore (60) years old…. Wooooow, just wooow, it was recorded in verse 20 that Isaac was 40years when he took Rebakah to wife, simple mathematics, they were both barren for 20 good years.
20 years of ignorance, when what he was looking for 20 years in Sokoto was right there in his shokoto. I pray for someone reading this, God will open your eyes to see the solution to that problem you are facing.
For somebody reading this, I don’t care how long you have been barren, I don’t care how long you have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb…your husband has the power to entreat the Lord for your sake. He will speak to this mountain ‘move!’ and it shall be moved in Jesus name.
As the head of the home your husband carries some power by right, Power to bless you, power to speak life into you, power to intercede for your sake. All he needs is faith and the Lord will be entreated for him. Helloooooo, if Isaac didn’t entreat the Lord for his wife, she would have remained barren.
For another person reading this I do not care what kind of barrenness you are encountering in life, is it financial? your studies? your cgpa? business? expecting the approval of a contract? emotionally? health wise? and so on here is the solution you have longed for, entreat the Lord and he shall be entreated for you, a closed mouth is a closed destiny they say.
But before you can work in this grace you have to be recognized with Him, you have to be born-again, you have to develop a relationship with this God, Isaac knew this God, he had a relationship with the God of his father Abraham that was why he could work in the supernatural realm that was why God got entreated for his sake.
I have come to realize that whatsoever challenge man faces in life, the solution is in the bible, the bible is the almighty formula. Every Television bought comes with a user guide manual, likewise God created you and I in His image he has given us the ‘Bible’ to guide us through life, for in it is the eye opener to any, every misery of life.
As you entreat the Lord on that barrenness, God will be entreated of you and you will be answered speedily. Amen!

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