Seeds have nutritive and calorific values which make them necessary in diets.Buccholzia coricea popularly known as “Wonderful Kola” is a perennial plant which grows as a tree. It belongs to the family Capparaceae and its local name include ‘uworo’ ‘(Yoruba)’, ‘owi’ (Edo), ‘uke’ (Igbo).

The plant parts commonly eaten are the seeds which are either cooked or eaten raw.

There is little or no information on the chemical composition of the seeds of Buccholzia coricea.

Researcher Godwin Abiodun Oyefeso said “wonderful kola is known as memory nut because it enhances the memory. It acts as cleaner of the blood, facilitates learning ability and strengthens the nervous system, and also effective in the treatment of menstrual problems.

It is also useful in the treatment of hypertension and also prevents premature aging; it has also been proved in Africa that Wonderful kola has the ability to stop migraine/headache when applied on the fore head for ten minutes

Here are some medicinal benefits of Wonderful Cola and its uses as a quick cure to various kinds of diseases as recommended by Dr Eleyinte Samue- a traditional medicine practitioner in an article- Herbal Remedy to Diseases in Nigeria.

For treating impotency: Get three wonderful cola, cut it into pieces, prepare with hot (local gin) for two days, after that take a shot cup before breakfast and one after meal in the night for three days. For ear disease: Grind a cola with hot (local gin) or water for a day, the next day, put two drops in each ear.

Typhoid and Malaria: Get four wonderful cola, four ginger; four bitter cola cut them into pieces and prepare with two bottles of 7up soft drink for two days. Adult: two spoonful, children: one tablespoon.

Toothache: Get one cola, grind and put inside local gin for some minutes, then put in your mouth for three minutes.

Intestinal worms: Get 2 wonderful cola, grind and put in tonic water for two days. Adult: two tablespoon and Children: one tablespoon, two times daily. Rheumatism: Get four wonderful cola, four ginger, five bitter cola, 2 alligator pepper, scent leaf, pound together and prepare with dry gin. Take two spoon in the morning and in the evening.

Gonorrhea: Wonderful cola, potash, tobacco leaf, 15 ampicillin capsules, prepare with dry gin. Take two spoons in the morning and at night. Cholera: Buy 3 wonderful cola, prepare with lime juice and scent juice for 2 days. Adult should take two spoons; children, one spoon fou times daily.

For whit-low: Grind one wonderful cola and put in lime juice to ferment, put your affected finger in it for ten minutes. Do it repeatedly until it disappears According to a study by N.C Amaechi on Nutritive and Anti-Nutritive Evaluation of Wonderful Kola (Buccholzia coricea) Seeds and published in the Pakistan Journal of Nutrition in 2009, B. coricea seeds contain high percentage of carbohydrate 77.18% which makes it a good source of energy for human nutrition. The seed’s low mineral composition needs to be supplemented when utilized in isolation.

The result of the finding also showed low levels of oxalates and tannins but appreciable quantities of saponins and phytates.

Pretreatment of B. coricea seeds such as boiling could be beneficial before it is consumed by either humans or animals. It showed that seed with appreciable quantities of saponin could be a good medicinal plant for the management of certain health conditions such as hyper-cholesterolemia.

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