It was an awesome time in God's presence today, the person leading the worship session ended with this song;

You do mighty things
You do glorious things
You’re a faithful God
Awesome is your name

I was worshiping, chanting those words until I heard
“Son, I do small things too
Little things
Those things you think I’d not be interested in.
Those ones you do not think bother me
In fact they’re the most difficult things to do
because you don’t ask me.. you feel they’re too small for me to do.
I just wanted to let you know, I do small things too”

Ohh I was humbled.. I was happy.. I was joy skyrocketed.
I really don’t know how you see God but I want you to write everything a lover does. Not someone you love o.. A lover.
Does he call you everyday? Morning, afternoon and evening? Does he ask what you’ve eaten? Does she send those text messages that leave you grinning? Does she…? What does a lover do?
Yes exactly. God is a lover! He wants a relationship with you! Don’t only see him as a Father.. or a Provider.. see him as your lover. He’s been asking you out for a long time. You… yes you!
The hairs on your head have numbers! When number 2 and 26 are tangled up, he knows!  He’s a scandalous lover!
Oh that you can see that God is seriously in love with you! Don’t ever think you’re too big for God to call you a baby. I really don’t care how many children you have ma, you’re still God’s girl.. I don’t care the integer in front of your age sir.. you’re still God’s baby boy!
If only we’d see ourselves like that.. when prayer will be a gist.. and speaking in tongues would be the code language between you and your lover.. When we can report people to God as a little girl to her daddy… When we can literally “go look for fight” and stand behind Daddy to defend you!
It’s that kind of relationship that can never really be taught in church because it’s almost like blasphemy.. but God wants people he can call “After my own heart”
So I’m his baby! His lover! The one he dotes on! He’s moved to compassion by my tears! He understands my emotions. He’s not an aloof God.. I can stroll to His room at any point (prayer)… I can sit on His lap and rest on His shoulders. Ha he’s my date for every dinner.. we have some private jokes sef!
God loves you! Would you love him back?

Written by Baydorz

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Stay blessed
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