There is a time and season for everything under heaven, without patience you can never see a thing grow, every farmer understands the principle of
patience, the seed time and harvest time, the difference is patience. If you don't understand the law of growth you will not have patience, growth is in inches.

Have you noticed how plants grow? how a flower grows? It grows by the day, inches, a little at a time, that is the law of growth. Anything that will last long takes long, the Bible says "the seed that fell on rocky soil it sprang up immediately because it had no depth...", anything that springs up immediately has no depth. The higher you want to go the deeper you must get down. If you want profit you must be patient, in anything be patient.

Do you know why sometimes we are not patient? because of people's testimonies, but we forget growth is not in metres, growth is in inches, a little here, a little there, for precepts must be upon precepts, here little, there little. Whatever is of God starts in a small way and grows gradually, God didn't send an adult to come and die for us, He sent a child. If you want a deliverer a saviour, you need a child, the patience to stay with the child till he grows to become a man to become the deliverer, that is a virtue of God, we must enjoy watching things grow. In business, family, education, every aspect of life, you need patience. If you want to see instant growth you will always be disappointed. Patience to see something grow we should pray for, otherwise you can't stay with anything.

There is nothing that God will give you that will not require your work, even if it is a spiritual gift. The mighty men of valor, if you saw them before they became mighty men you will reject them.

God's toolbox is always full of  unimpressive tools, for God has chosen the foolish things of the world the weak things of the world, the base things of the world, the things which are not but He doesn't let them remain like that, He takes them like that and works on them.

We must be able to give people space to grow. If you are looking for fruits now you may be disappointed, it is not easy to be involved in a routine, that is the very way God will use in training you. Every good thing comes as a result of you having the patience to see it grow.

Do you know why people marry and they divorce? They don't have patience to see their spouse grow. Don't expect God to drop somebody who is just perfect and say this is your husband take Jesus name.  God may bring you a diamond but the diamond may be in a rock so you must take your chisel and chisel the diamond out of the rock. Never be in a hurry to see perfection all of a sudden. You must stay with it to grow. The one who loves you truly is the one who can stick with you and grow with you, someone who can tolerate you to grow.

Whatever you want to see grow, have the patience to watch it grow, when you compare yourself with people it means you lack understanding. You are in your track, he is in his track . Don't allow an emergency in somebody's track affect your track.

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