How much of you do you think you know?
How much of you is actively being utilized?
How much of you is wasting away?

Do you know you have not optimized 0.05% of the potential and capability bestowed upon you?

Naturally, humans prefer hiding in their comfort zone,  don't want to explore gifts waiting to be unleashed, talents waiting to be used, waiting to open more doors. Comfort zone is that zone that makes you feel afterall I am doing well enough when you know you could push yourself harder and be better.
Break that shell today, break that jinx of mental slavery!

Do you know you? Have you discovered yourself? Are you living your dream or living someone else's dream? Each day you wake up do you feel contented or feel you could do more? The needs of man they say is insatiable, likewise the process of discovering you never just ends, there is no end to its discovery and that is the primary purpose of education not just to gain knowledge but to develop yourself, make yourself useful wherever your talent drives you to.

How much of yourself have you discovered? What are those things you do easily, effortlessly that others find them difficult to do? Are you just comfortable with that job feeding you or you will feed that drive, that talent, that God given gift in you to take you where your comfort zone wouldn't.

These gifts are already in you, it's left for you to desire to nurture them, build them and allow them open doors for you.

Imagine Bill Gates settled for a monthly paying job, or Mark Zuckerberg settling for just consultancy, please don't get me wrong, jobs are good, infact they are excellent to get you going, but if you are not careful that salary they pay you from the Job is the pity money you get in compensation for forgetting your dreams.

The gift of a man maketh way for him says the bible, and what are these gifts? they are virtues deposited in you by God waiting to be unleashed, they are like pitbull dogs known for their aggressive nature but can't do nothing because they are chained down, except they are unleashed they will be redundant.

Next after discovering yourself is to be diligent and consistent. Nobody will believe you if you are not consistent, a diligent fellow in his work and service will sit and dine with kings and not with mere men says the Bible.

Don't be like the one that was given one talent and decided to bury it, when that one talent was the passport to many hundreds of talents. Determine to know more of yourself, determine to see beyond your comfort zone, there are potentials hidden in you. Push yourself hard, if you can write, write better, if you sing, sing better, you are good in whatsoever thing (that is honorable not fraudulent) just do it better. This is a personal issue, mine and yours cannot be the same, no set of twins have it the same, part of mine is writing and that is why you can read this piece.

Determine to know more of you each day you live, pray to God to sail the ship of your life because  the more you discover yourself the more you realise you didn't know you! you haven't known you!

Written by Baydorz

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