It wasn’t a Sunday, or was it? Ade had met his wife on a weekend. His wife. Was he even happy to call her his wife?

Ade rustles on the bed and his wife, Tinuke, rustles in her sleep, perfectly nuzzled beside him... She snores very slightly as the rays
of sunlight highlights her dark skin.
They had decided they needed the time away from their busy Lagos life and had come to spend 2 weeks in Ibadan. Ade grew up there and he had so many people who are tied to Ibadan. Like Kunle. Like Tegha. Like Fola.

Yes Fola. Ade didn’t tell his wife but Fola had been his girlfriend for 6 years before she cheated and broke up with him, 2 years before he met Tinuke. As if that was not enough, he got the news that she was getting married to his boss. His world crumbled right in his eyes and there was nothing he could do about it. Oh Ade loved Fola with every fibre of his being.

Ade had resigned from his office in a prominent bank in Ibadan and had moved to Lagos. He wasn’t sure of how he’d cope but he moved anyway. His stay in Ibadan had really been centred around Fola so he never spoke about it. Now Fola was widowed last year. She didn’t get to bear Mr Fagba any children because he was too rich to be satisfied with sitting at home. 

In one of the long calls they’ve recently been having, she talked about how his death was as a result of an untended medical illness.
Ads, he didn’t treat himself. He kept saying he’d be fine. You know what’s more, Ads? He hadn’t even touched me in months..”
She always called him Ads not Ade because she believed he wasn’t her crown until he married her. Now the pet name was back. She had called crying that rainy Tuesday afternoon apologising for how badly she treated him.

The love Ade felt was almost like a sudden wave drowning the affection he felt towards Tinuke, his wife. Even when Pastor Bola preached so passionately about “The Power of Commitment” taking her analogy from the story of Ruth and Naomi last Sunday, he kept making mental faults against the sermon to quiet the conviction he felt inside.

Ade chose Ibadan because Fola was in Ibadan but Tinuke didn’t know and she’d always wanted to visit. Now she’s asleep. Should he sneak out to her Ikolaba mansion or just casually tell Tinuke he’s going to have a drink with his friend?

Ads, it’s been 24 hours since your arrival. I’m waiting” his iphone comes on with a WhatsApp message. He quietly disengages his body from Tinuke’s and eases out of the bed carefully. He freezes when she turns in her sleep but continues his secret mission when she continues sleeping. Since she got pregnant 4 months ago, she had been sleeping deeper than she used to.

Ade wears a pink polo top and a pair of denim jeans and brown suede loafers. Takes his key and wallet and makes to leave.
“Adeoye, where to?” He makes a 360 degrees turn to where Tinuke is surprisingly standing with his phone in her hand! Darn! She must have seen the message. Fola Fagba.
He quickly makes a serious face. “Just want to have a quick drink with a friend at Ikolaba”l. I didn’t want to wake you” He walks to her right side and gives her a huge peck on her cheek. She smiles and hands him his phone, her left hand on her slightly bulging tummy.
“You forgot something else”
She opens her palm. It was his wedding band...

Watchout for Part 2

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