Attitude and discipline, two words that sound so simple but are so deep that your success in Life is attached to their application in unleashing the king in you. 

Someone once said the difference between a bad day and a good one is your attitude towards the day. Discipline means standing up for what is right even though the odds say otherwise.

Look around you, be observant, analyse these two deep words you would surely realise you are who you are today because of your attitude towards life and your discipline in life.

I have decided not to go into the dictionary or search Google to start giving you a break down of these words, we are going practical, buckle your seat-belt and please ride with me.

The difference between a successful student and a failing student is their attitude and discipline towards their studies, while the failing student refuses to go for lectures, does not do assignments, doesn’t prepare adequately for exams, a successful students attitude is the direct opposite, he is willing to discipline himself even when it is not convenient to read, do assignments, visit the library, attend classes, prepare well for exams and pray. I tell people and still stand on the point that nobody is dull and nobody is brilliant, the difference between a failing student and an excellent one is their attitude and discipline towards their studies.

I have come to realise that your attitude to whatever action in life is based on a decision. Decisions are made in the mind and the mind is made up of thoughts, for out of the multitude of the heart the mouth speaketh.  The decision you take concerning any issue starts from your mind and builds up your attitude towards the issue. Joseph in the bible could have fallen for his masters wife, but he fled, he made a decision and that decision guided his attitude. He was disciplined enough to stand by what was right, even if it meant being imprisoned. Many cannot make such decisions and stand by it today.

I tell you friends, you are who you are when nobody is watching you. Many chameleon’s are roaming the streets today in human skin. You are the direct opposite of what you make people think you are. Your true personality is that one you put up when nobody is around watching you.

This topic is as plain as white rice, it is not rocket science, you were who you were, you are who you are today, and you will be who you would be in future based on your discipline and your attitude towards life.

Alot of people are nowhere today because they could not discipline themselves. Greed and covetousness have had the better of them. You are there a young man in your early 20’s you want to acquire the wealth and influence of a man well over 60 years at your age. You don’t care what it would cost you, you are just so desperate, where is your discipline? It is good to covet good things, but be patient, build a step at a time, don’t go in through the back door, it won’t last. You want to impress, you want to be respected by friends, you don’t mind sacrificing anything,  where is your integrity? where is your discipline? What about your dignity?

Your own is that you cannot see a man or a woman, you must compare with yours. You must have a taste of everything you see. There is always going to be a man richer, more handsome, more composed than your man, there is always going to be a woman more beautiful, more attractive, well behaved than your woman,  so what is the hustle and bustle about? Be disciplined, be contented with what you have. Many relationships, marriages have failed today because either of the couple failed to discipline himself or herself.
Maybe yours is anger, you always let anger have the better of you, change that attitude of yours. Anger is like wild fire, it can consume what you used 20years to build in 2 minutes. Someone once said you won’t be punished for your anger, but you will be punished by your anger.

A friend of yours just purchased a 2015 model car and you cannot even afford a 2011 model just yet, infact you cannot afford a toy car but because you can’t discipline yourself, you cannot be patient and wait for your own time. You cannot even tell what your friend did or is doing to acquire his wealth, but at all cost you want to be like him…Be mindful of your attitude and be disciplined my friend.

Every second, every minute, every hour, our discipline is always going to be tested. Temptation is everywhere, in school, work, at home, social networks, social gatherings, on the road, even in church your attitude and discipline is always going to be tested.

There is this Nigerian mentality that there is no point being responsible, doing the right thing means you are foolish, infact they will tell you the patient dog doesn’t eat the fat bone again, it is left with nothing to eat.  They would tell you that to be successful in this country you need to be lawless and ruthless. I am here to tell you it’s a lie, there are still disciplined people in this country, they are doing great and are eating the good fruit of the land. When you are disciplined your attitude towards work, your  co-workers, employees, employer, collecting bribe before discharging the duty you are being paid for would be different.
When you are disciplined you won’t rape a girl remembering that a woman gave birth to you and you have a sister at home.
When you are disciplined as a lecturer you won’t abuse your female students sexually before you mark their exams objectively.
When you are disciplined you won’t embezzle public funds as a politician and divert into your own private account.
What is your attitude towards Nigeria? The British man wakes up every morning to say ‘Bless the Queen’, majority of Nigerians wake up to curse the country when they tune in to the news in the morning. We are  quick to blame the government, but we are the government, if our attitude doesn’t change, nothing would change.

What are we saying? Attitude and discipline are two mighty words that make you who you are. Learn to adopt a good attitude, learn to be disciplined anywhere you find yourself. Sometimes it may seem foolish to stand for what is right, but at the end it worths the wait trust me.The attitude of the Isrealites made the journey of 40days become 40 years because they could not discipline themselves. Always remember it’s not about how far, but how well, many people are going nowhere fast.

Are you blessed? Want us to help you write on a topic burning in your heart? Need help in any way, or you want to drop a comment, an observation, kindly drop them below.
Stay blessed

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