I find it hard to accept any tangible excuse as to why a graduate should be unemployed.
The problem with this generation is that we don’t think outside
the box, we all want to put on a fancy shirt, marching tie and pants and be a modern slave to an employee.
Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying getting a white collar job is evil, but what if God has intentionally blocked any chance of you getting a job because He wants you to be your own boss?There is nothing like being your own boss, trust me, I am a living testimony.

To my greatest surprise, many don’t even know what education means, they think education is or should be a pathway to a guaranteed  successful life, NO!!! I totally disagree. Your education should help you
adapt to any situation you find yourself.
Employed or not… EMPLOY YOURSELF!!! You only need to think outside the box, dare to be different. Someone started the idea of sachet water. Use your talent, your God given gifts, package your brand, have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition ), it’s in you, you only need to discover it.
God told Jeremiah before he formed him in his mother’s womb He knew him… trust me, God created you for a purpose which no power of unemployment can/should truncate.
My dear, for how long will you keep waiting on a government that has failed itself? I am not saying you should give up on your fatherland but God didnt create you to be stranded He created you to break bounds, to be fruitful, to dominate.

I once met an illiterate millionaire who is into the Tanker-Trailer truck business and he challenged me when he told me “I made it without going to school but you went to school, you should be richer”.
I know someone reading this is saying to himself/herself that “This guy thinks it’s easy, I need capital”. I agree you need capital to kick-off whatsoever business or idea you’re cooking up, the truth is no amount is too small to start, START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. We all envy the Otedolas, Dangotes of this world but not willing to take the risk they took, the drive, the determination to succeed.
We need to stop being reliant on our parents, many of our parents survived the storm of life to become what they are today but because we can hide under the umbrella of their care, wealth and properties we tend not to be responsible for ourselves. I know a 70 year old successful man who left his parents’, relocated to Ibadan at the tender age of 18 with nothing, but today he is something. If you don’t do something different today, you will keep getting the same result, over, over and again.

The idle hand is the devil’s workshop they say…when you are idle in the name of being ‘unemployed’ the devil will start occupying your void mind with evil thoughts and that’s how frustration sets in.
So what am I saying? Very simple, make a decision to employ yourself today. People around you need goods and services they can’t give themselves… do not despise the days of little beginning. Set before you a big target, each time you seem discouraged, remind yourself of the target and it would help you get on your feet again after any setback.
I wouldn’t promise you its all going to be fine but I can assure you that hardwork, determination and God’s grace will keep you standing, nothing good comes easy. In fact, life itself will be boring if we get all we ever wanted on a platter.

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