I woke up this morning to my quiet time and devotion, as I was singing Naraekele by Tim Godfrey rendering praises to God in Worship... "Nara nara e, naraekele, na re ke le mo, what shall I render to Jeh
ovah, for He has done so very much for me..." I heard that voice say to me "Son can you count all I have done for you?" My heart melted, it wasn't the first time I would sing the song but that song in another dimension ministered to me.
For close to thirty minutes I didn't utter a word but my mind flashed back to times God has been good and merciful to me, instances when I escaped death narrowly, instances where He picked me up to be favoured even when I was the least qualified, the list is endless. Bishop Oyedepo said "When you are thankful your tank will he full", infact, I say to you he that is not grateful is a great fool.

I want you to take some minutes after reading this to thank God for his faithfulness, do you think you are important, or are you more important than those that are no more? If you didn't wake up this morning it wouldn't stop God from being God, it wouldn't stop the day from breaking or stop the sun from setting at it's time. Your mother carried you for 9 good months, some pregnancies don't make it through the first week, throughout your childhood he kept you, His mercies kept you, you are sane, you are alive, bouncing with life.

Most times, we find ourselves thinking of what God has not done, forgetting the numerous uncountable he has done, the things you didn't ask for that he has done. You may not have it all perfect but the ones He has done, how much gratitude have you shown? Who are you that God is mindful of you? You could have been created a goat roaming the streets.

I want you to think deeply, since the beginning of this year can you confidently say you don't know atleast one person you know personally that is no more, for me the list is long, people that we shouted happy New Year together and today they are gone, not that I am mocking them but I want you to think deep on God's faithfulness to you, His grace has found you just as you, His grace has kept you thus far. Not your age, not your height, not your beauty, not your wealth.
Think, think deeply, what shall you render to Jehovah, He has done uncountable for you, the least you can return is your thanksgiving, don't just go about the normal thanksgiving, give Him a deep-thinking thanksgiving, giving an unusual thanksgiving, be lost in his wonders, be lost in thoughts of his kindness towards you and your household. Sing praises to him, just like David did, things are happening in the world, things are happening around you. God loves you, make thanksgiving your lifestyle. Thank him always, always! For what He has done, He is doing and He will still do so very much for you.
Have a thankful and tank full week ahead!

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